What kind of chromatography freezer/cabinet should I choose for the protein purification system?
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What kind of chromatography freezer should I choose for the protein purification system?

Firstly, we need to understand the two most fundamental questions

1. Regarding temperature: When using a protein purification system for related experiments, if the biological sample is higher than 10 ° C, it is easy to deteriorate. What should be done? Additionally, when the temperature is below 0 ° C, samples and reagents are prone to freezing and may damage the chromatographic column. How should the temperature be controlled? To solve these problems, the temperature range inside the cabinet is generally chosen to be 2-8 ° C to solve these problems.

2. Regarding the issue of humidity: It is possible that the humidity inside the chromatography cabinet may increase due to the evaporation of some reagent water during experiments; When the humidity is high (humidity greater than 90% RH), the control circuit board of the equipment is prone to moisture regain, which may lead to short circuits in the control circuit of the protein purification system. So what should we do?

According to the environmental conditions for the application of national standard electrical and electronic products, the requirements for temperature and humidity must meet the following requirements: temperature: -5-30 ° C, relative humidity: 20% -75% RH. In practical operation, a range of 40-65% RH is commonly used as the most suitable option. We can refer to this humidity control standard to protect the protein purification system and extend the service life of the protein purification system equipment.

From the above two aspects, the best choice for equipping a protein purification system with a chromatography freezer is one that can control both temperature and humidity (such as Xiamen Guoyi Zun Xiang Edition chromatography freezer). This not only meets the needs of the experiment, but also protects high-value equipment.

Secondly, in addition to the two basic requirements mentioned above, we also need to consider various aspects when purchasing: temperature control stability, refrigeration efficiency, safety, durability, and usability.

Temperature control stability: Consider the temperature control performance of the chromatography cabinet from the perspectives of temperature uniformity, stability, accuracy, etc; Generally speaking, the smaller the temperature fluctuation inside the cabinet, the better, and it is more friendly to experimental data.

Refrigeration efficiency: It can be referenced from the refrigeration method and dehumidification time.

Durability: It can be used as a reference for materials, components, and control system performance. For example, the compressor components are selected from the best industry brand Cisco, and the box material is made of 304 stainless steel with a foam thickness.

Safety: Refer to the alarm system, such as high and low humidity alarms and temperature fluctuations.

Usability: It can be considered from aspects such as automatic defogging, automatic defrosting, safety door locks, door frame heating, ultraviolet lights, lighting lights, chromatographic columns, test data holes, number of power supplies and waterproofing, and shelf flexibility.