Selection Guide for Chromatography Cabinet
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Selection Guide for Chromatography Cabinet

1. Market Overview

The chromatography cabinet is a niche product, and there are some companies that produce this product, but none of them are the main products. Early products were completely focused on chromatographic functions, mainly in the field of chemistry. With the development and growth of life sciences, the intersection of molecular biology and various scientific fields became prevalent, and the application of chromatography in various fields became more and more widespread, resulting in significant development of related products.

With the changing needs of users, there is now a shift from single functionality to multi functionality. Products represented by the Revco brand of thermal power companies have led the trend, and multiple domestic brands are also competing to catch up. For example, the multifunctional biological experimental chromatography cabinet launched by Xiamen Guoyi combines the dual functions of traditional chromatography and drug preservation, greatly improving the efficiency of chromatography cabinets. Each brand has its own characteristics.

2. Selection steps

Step 1: Check if it is multifunctional, including two functions: chromatography cabinet and drug storage box, with flexible switching.Considering that there are not many daily chromatography experiments in the laboratory, and the vast majority of laboratories only place small equipment in the chromatography cabinet, the preservation of drugs, reagents, etc. is a basic requirement for each laboratory. Therefore, a multifunctional chromatography cabinet can greatly improve its efficiency and reduce costs.

Step 2: Compare temperature uniformity

The smaller the value, the more uniform the temperature inside the cabinet, the stronger the protective effect on the sample, and the better the effect; The best temperature uniformity is ± 1 degree.

Step 3: Check the brand of compressor used in the refrigeration system

At present, the compressor brands in the refrigeration industry are Danfoss (Danfoss) and Secop Science and Technology in China, which have a good reputation. The vast majority of laboratory refrigeration equipment uses this brand, such as most ultra-low temperature refrigerators, and the price of this brand is generally 2-3 times that of other brands; The second tier includes some Gulun (customized by thermoelectric), French Taikang, and third tier products such as Zanusi and domestic Kona.

Step 4: Check the aerodynamic design inside the cabinet to see if it can form a stable active cold air flow that covers the entire box. Generally, separate air ducts need to be designed to ensure that there is no short circuit airflow and high temperature performance indicators.

Step 5: Check if the accessories configured for the equipment are complete

Can I configure a shelf? To achieve the dual use of chromatography and drug preservation, and improve the efficiency of cabinet use;

Are chromatographic columns and clamps configured to fix columns and clips, and are they convenient to use and do not occupy space;

Is there an internal power socket configured and has it waterproof performance?

Is there a shelf configured to accommodate instruments and equipment?

Step 5: After sales service

At present, the vast majority of brands are sold through dealer pickup, which is basically a one-time purchase and sale between dealers and manufacturers, making it difficult to provide subsequent after-sales service. It is best to choose a brand with a fixed agent. The cooperative relationship between the agent and the manufacturer is relatively stable, and the after-sales service is guaranteed.

3. Main brands and their positioning

Brand name

Positioning and Overview


Industry leader, with multiple specifications and models, high prices, and no fixed columns or clamps for chromatography columns

Xiamen Guoyi Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd

Industry rookie, emphasizing quality, similar in function and design concept to Revco, with moderate price; Configure chromatographic column fixing columns and clips, waterproof power sockets, whole and half layer shelves, and bilateral test holes

Beijing BoyiKang 

Traditional chromatography cabinet brand, unknown parameters, two specifications, unable to store samples

Beijing Detianyou

Traditional chromatography cabinet brands, with multiple specifications available, equipped with chromatography column fixing brackets, power sockets, shelves, etc., cannot store drugs;

Shanghai Qiqian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Traditional chromatography cabinet brand, unknown parameters, four specifications, unable to store samples, OEM?

Beijing Songyuan Huaxing

Traditional chromatography cabinet brand, equipped with chromatography column fixing frame and shelf, two specifications, unable to store samples,

Shanghai Bilang Instrument Co., Ltd. (there is no chromatography cabinet on the website)


Shanghai Tianfeng Instrument

Traditional chromatography cabinet brand, equipped with chromatography column fixed frame, shelf, power socket, multiple specifications available, unable to store samples.