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Xiamen Guoyi Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. is a China high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales, and service of scientific instruments, supporting software, and reagent consumables. At present, a series of products have been formed, including multifunctional biological experimental chromatography refrigerator, laboratory drug storage refrigerator, snowflake ice machines, surgical slush machines,laboratory centrifuges, magnetic stirrers, etc., which are widely used in various universities, scientific institutes, life sciences, clinical medicine, bioengineering, agricultural and forestry sciences, central blood stations, inspection and quarantine, disease control pharmaceuticals, and other fields, with broad prospects.


Due to the development needs of the enterprise and in order to better serve global users, we are now recruiting and signing exclusive distributors and agents worldwide. Welcome distributors, importers, and trading companies from assorted channels such as scientific research, medical treatment, disease control, hygiene, blood stations, universities, and biological enterprises to join us. For more information, please call the investment hotline for consultation. Xiamen Guoyi Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. sincerely looks forward to your joining and cooperation.


Investment requirements:

1. Having a registered company that complies with relevant international laws and regulations;

2. Having a complete sales network, able to effectively cover the local end customers;

3. Having rich experience in instrument sales and a team;

4. Has a good reputation among the local customer base.


Enterprise advantages:

1. China high-tech enterprise, awarded multiple patents, with reliable quality;

2. The product design is unique, the material selection is high-end, the application is extensive, and the industry has a good reputation;

3. We can provide customized production and services according to the special requirements of users(OEM);

4. Provide corresponding sales training and after-sales technical support;

5. Gain competitive agency prices and lucrative profits.


Hotline: (86) 592-7275200

Contact person: Jacky Chen




Address: Rooms 101, 103, and 105, Building D, Jianye Building, No. 96 Xiangxing Road, 

Xiang'an Industrial Zone, Torch High tech Zone, Xiamen