Color, with the improvement of people's living standard, aesthetic improvement, has become an indispensable part of people's life. We can see the colorful clothes, household appliances, diversiform, colorful cars, and even the different colors of the house  everywhere.  

However,  the scientific  instrument as a basic tool in research field,is butmonotonous and Unsightly . Gray is the primary color.  Sometimesis, blue and white can be see rarely, dotted with other color. In recent years, a few imported equipment pay attention to industrial design products,  These changed not only greatly improved in appearance, but also in color .They introduced with many bold novel color elements to bring a fresh change to  laboratory.  

Think of  the current status of domestic scientific instruments, Xiamen Guoyi Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. broke with tradition,  put forward the conception of color instrument firstly in the industry. We build a strong R & D and design team, start from the industrial design,  match colors Scientifically , These make color practical and meet the aesthetic needs of high-quality products, We  strive to create the first brand of color instrument.  

Color Laboratory  

The study of science and engineering students know  the experiment is a very patient and boring. We must take great care every step, Otherwise, a small mistake can make all scrap often after a few days of the experiment , it will make you very crazy. You can know this feeling only experienced . For the scientific research and technical person, laboratory is your second home.If this home is warm and comfortable, you will have more inspiration, the working efficiency will be high.  we can build a good warm and comfortable environment for laboratory by the color of the instrument,, to create your own color lab, help you to work efficiently, enjoy the wonderful life, to reach your dream.  

Color meaning


First. red color, warm, passionate and outgoing, is a kind of stimulating strong color.
Red is easy to cause the attention of people, but also easy to make people excited,  nervous, impulse, is a kind of easy to cause visual fatigue color adult.
1, in the red with a small amount of yellow, the thermal power, agitation ,anxiety tends to.
2, in the red with a small amount of blue, will make its thermal weakening, tends to be gentle, soft.
3, in the red with a small amount of black, will cause it to change the character of the calm, tends to be heavy, plain.
4, in red, adding a small amount of white, will make the disposition gentle, subtle, delicate, tend to be shy.
Second, yellow character, proud indifference, sensitive, with the expansion and unquiet visual impression.
Yellow is the color, the most fragile a kind of color. As long as with other colorin small amounts of pure yellow, its hue and color character will changegreatly.
1, the addition of a small amount of blue on yellow, will make it into a tender green. The arrogant character disappeared, tends to be a calm, moistfeeling.
2, in the yellow with a small amount of red, orange is obviously feeling, thecharacter will from apathy, pride into a decent sense of enthusiasm, warmth.
3, In  the addition of a small amount of black and yellow, the color and thecolor change is the biggest, which has become an obvious olive green colorimpression. The color has become mature, easy-going.
4, In  the addition of a small amount of white and yellow, the color becomessoft, the character of apathy, pride is weakened, more subtle, easy of approach.
Third, the blue color feeling a dig, simple and introverted personality, is ahelp to mind a dig static color.
Blue is simple, introverted character, that character often active, with strong KuoZhangLi colour, providing a far-reaching, Guang Pu, quiet space, become the active colour foils friendly and humble friend. A blue or even after the dilution to maintain a strong personality like color. If there were a small amount of red, blue, yellow, black, orange, white and other colors, which arenot obvious influence on the blue character.
1, if the orange yellow component is more, the character tends to be sweet,beautiful, fragrant.
2, in the orange mixed with small amount of white, can make to anxiety,unable to orange perception.
Fourth, the green is yellow and blue two component of color.
In the green, yellow and blue expansion contraction feeling is the doctrine of the mean, yellow warmth phase cancellation and blue feeling of cold. This makes the green character is the most peaceful, stable. Is a smooth, quiet,pond full, beautiful color.
1, in the green yellow components more, their character will tend to lively,friendly, has a naive.
2, in the green with a small amount of black, the character will tend to grave,sophisticated, mature.
3, in the green with a small amount of white, the character will tend to clean,fresh, fresh and tender.
Fifth, purple lightness in the lowest color pigment. The purple of low lightnessgives a person a kind of boring, mysterious feeling.
1, in the purple red component more, its perception with depressive feeling,sense of threat.
2, In the addition of a small amount of dark purple, it tends to dull, feel sad,terror.
3, In adding white to purple, purple dull disappear, become elegant, delicate,and full of feminine charm.
Sixth, sense of a bright white color, simple, pure, happy character.
White has the Holy inviolability. If any other color in white, will affect the purity,implicitly to change the character of the.
1, in the white mixed with a small amount of red, become light pink, fresh and full of temptation.
2, in the white mixed with a small amount of yellow, it becomes a creamy yellow, give a person a kind of sweet greasy impression.
3, in the white mixed with small amounts of blue, people feel cool, clean.
4, in the white mixed with small amounts of orange, with a dry atmosphere.
5, in the white mixed with small amounts of green, give a person a kind oftender, gentle feeling.
6, in the white mixed with small amounts of purple, can induce reminiscent offaint fragrance.
Color and packaging design
People observe various objects outside, first cause is the reflection of thecolor, it is the element of human vision, visual stimulation is the most sensitivevisual information symbols, the fastest response. The attention to the coloraccounted for about 80% of human vision, the attention only accounts for about 20% of. Colors play a decisive role on the packaging decoration design. The people in the shops, to attract their attention, and can cause theattention of nothing more than the color impression is the most unforgettable.
Classification of color; color is divided into primary, secondary color, color,color four.
Not in color and decomposition, and can adjust the other colors of the color,such as red, yellow, blue, also is the primary colors, the colors. By two kinds of color mixing and color, called color, such as red and yellow with orange,yellow and blue with green, blue and red with purple. Complex color, is composed of two kinds of color modulation into color such as orange with green to orange green etc.. Color is a kind of re color color, or color matchingand the color. The above four kinds of color, which is also known as the firstcolor (color), color (second colors), third colors (color), color can also be called re color.
The three elements of color; three elements specifically refers to hue,brightness, color purity. They have different attributes.
Color refers to the color of facial features and mutual difference. Color lighteffects due to different wavelength in the human retina, people will havedifferent color perception. Hue refers to is the red, orange, yellow, green,cyan, blue, purple. They do vary with the wavelength, the red, orange, Huang Guangbo long, of human vision has a strong impact. Blue, green, violet lightwave is short, the impact of weak. Color and hue mainly reflects the sense ofthings. Purity, refers to the degree of saturation of pigment. The purity of color reflects the amount of things are different, purity, high purity of colorand low purity of color showed the amount of things are different. Red,orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple seven colors is the highest purity.Each color, such as red, orange, pink, in Zhu Hong, eosin, purity is better than the red low purity, between them are also different. Lightness, refers to the color of dark and light shows a degree. All the colors are bright and darklevel difference. This level is the "black", "white", "ash". In the red, orange,yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, colorful, bright brightness highest is yellow,orange, green, green, red again, the dark blue and purple. Change of color brightness is deep, make the color depth, appear three-dimensional effect.
The nature of the colour; colour is different, its effect on retinal light makes people feel is different, so in the face of a different color, shading, and peoplewill have the weight, strength, far and near, expansion and contraction of different psychological reaction.
Colour of cold and warm
Green, blue, purple can give a person with quiet, cool, similar to the coldfeeling, red, orange, yellow is to give people a warm, warm, excitement is similar to the warm feelings. In the cool, warm colors are a give a person nottoo cold and not too hot in the middle color, such as color ring on the yellow,blue and green. Warm and cool colors are hierarchical, some cold, such asred, lemon yellow, Lan Zi, some warm, such as red, orange, green and blueare warm. Cold and warm relations in comparison of hue.
Light and heavy color
Light and heavy sense of color is the color saturation of high and low in the vision to produce a result. Those who feel heavy color is high saturation colorhue, saturation and low feels lighter. The color hue for purity (Bao Hedu)values are different, the severity of the volume is not the same as. As the psychological feeling the weight of white is 100 grams, 187 grams, black isyellow 113 grams, 133 grams of green, blue, purple is 152 grams, 155 grams,155 grams of grey is 158 grams, red.
The color of the far and near
Far and near sense of color is due to the relationship between warm and coldcolor in people's visual experience generated. General to cool people beyondfeeling. In nature, blue hills give far feeling; it gives people a sense of warmup.
Color of the expansion and shrinkage
Expansion and contraction of color sense, by the color brightness is different and visually. In general, pale color depth expansion, shrinkage. Compared with gray white, white is inflated sense of. Is the color of the reflected lightbrightness and things size.
Cold and warm color, light and heavy, far and near, expansion andcontraction, and the color of light and dark, strong and weak, not only shows the color of nature, and the cold and warm, but also people's psychologicaland visual emotional response, comparison is a feeling. The contrast ofcolors have strong visual effect, extremely rich publicity.
The color tone; tone can arouse people's psychological activities and causepleasure and a sense of beauty.
Red tone it gives a warm, happy feeling. People use it to express fiery, life,vitality and risk information.
Blue it to cool, the broad sense. People use it to represent the future, high-tech, thinking and other information.
Yellow light, it gives people a warm feeling. People used to light, hope, light,pay attention to information.
Green it gives fresh, smooth and feeling. People used to show growth, life,safety information.
Orange tone it gives people excited, mature feeling. Is a very popular color.
The purple tones which give elegant, noble sense. People used to representa long, deep, rational, noble, apathy and other information.
Black tone it give people noble, fashion sense. People used to represent theweight, hard, male, industry information.
White tone it gives the people a pure, noble feeling. People used to representclean, cold and other information.
Color and packaging design
Color design of packaging decoration will coordinate with the attributes of goods
Color design product packaging and decoration should enable customers toassociate the characteristics of products, performance. Packaging colorshould be the product content, packaging, use image reflectioncharacteristics. That is to say, no matter what color, should be with thecommodity content. Customers see the color on the package, you can think of the packaging of goods, such as green reflects the beans, orange isorange juice. In color, which reflect the product color, called image color.Such as packaging color snacks for the general Zhu Hong, orange, yellow,have appetizing function. Various color, red call in cosmetics, food, green can be used for all kinds of swimming, water sports equipment, cold, summer,vest, refrigerator fan, commodity. Blue for the hardware machinery, electricalpackaging, gives a fresh feeling. Medical supplies packaging can also useblue. Purple call on senior cosmetics, jewelry, gifts, packaging, give a person with noble, dignified, elegant feeling. It says here, is not absolute standards,design of packaging color should investigate market of commodity packaging,of course, innovation, breakthrough. But, in general can still draw. As wintersupplies packaging, use warm color, will give people a feeling of warmth. Coolsummer supplies, packaging, can give a person the sense of cool. Textilesused to package the yellow tone, make people feel warm. In short, the packaging color considering commodity attribute is the point of design should notice.
Of course, packaging color design should also take into account the fashion.Fashion is a popular aesthetic factors in a certain period of time, there is alocal custom, people love to color. Considering the fashion color, in the final analysis, is to consider the market factors. In the early 80's, the French popular black, black for the expensive cosmetics, then appeared black tone.Black tone is noble, fashion sense. Anna, Russian writer Tolstoy's "AnnaKarenina" in the black tone is like, she wore black clothes seemed so noble,elegant.
Packaging color design should generally be outnumbered, Coca-Cola onlytwo colors, white, eosin, very eye-catching.
Packaging color design should consider the national interests. Product colordesign of commodity packaging packaging color must understand the loveand taboo in some countries, people of color. Packaging color used properly,packaging can make the person produces aesthetic feeling, on the other hand, if you don't know love and taboo in some countries, people of color,export commodities may produce beat all of. The * * * export packaging industry has been engaged in the export packaging business association executive director Mr. Nishida Toyo, according to his many years of experience, has written a book "the taboo color" one book, here from somereference for packaging design.
Some Asian countries India red vitality, active, enthusiastic. Green means that the truth, and that the search for knowledge, also means peace and hope.Yellow represents the colour of the sun, that gorgeous, bright. Purple is the mood calm color, but also reminiscent of sorrow. Taboo is a palm tree andcrowing. Burma is the most like pure. The Buddhist monk suit is sunfloweryellow, it is the only meaning with * * * color. Sri Lanka red (CCP), green(conservative) has the important political significance, usually members inthese two kinds of color clothes. Malaysia green usually has * * * significance,but also can be used in business. Yellow represents the Sultanate of color.Malaysia people not wearing yellow clothes, even living in Malaysia Chinesealso avoid yellow. The Republic of Iraq Iraqis like the color is green and BlackMuslims like. Israel Israel like white and sky blue very. But don't use these colors in business. In the middle ages, living in the world of the Jewish nation,has been forced to wear yellow clothes. Later Hitler ruling, the Jews fromFascism slavery, and was forced to wear yellow clothes, therefore, yellow inIsrael is seen as not auspicious symbol, people hate. In Judaism, the sacredcolors are red, blue, purple, white. In Christian, green than the deeper meaning of blue. In Hebrew and Christian tradition, color symbolism is stillsubject to praise. Blue main representative of God (the master of all things)color. Green represents life, faith, meditation. The green symbol of Easter is used when the resurrection of Jesus, shallow green symbolizes baptism.Holland like orange and blue, especially orange, is widely used in people'sfestival. France on the green cloth very much, because it is reminiscent of the old German army uniforms. In France, a man is like wearing blue clothing,women wear pink clothing habits. In eastern france. The Irish tradition ofHolland Chinese milk vetch (Irish national flower) green, is the people mostlike color. In general, strong color than the middle color popular. As the colorbias, they hate it and representative Ulster Protestant churches. In ancient Ireland symbolic range of colors: Black (North), white (South), purple (East),brown (West). Italy green symbolizes the beautiful homeland, the whitesymbol of the Alps snow and loving justice, peace of mind, red indicates the patriotic enthusiasm. The British color symbolism and badges, once widely popular. Even today, the famous company, school and rugby team is still in use in color as a symbol of the badge. North America America general cleaning of color of light popular, such as ivory, light green, light blue, yellow,pink, light yellow brown. The psychologists survey showed that: the light ispopular in color; bright, vivid colors than dark colors popular.

Color and constellation


The lucky color: Green
With the characteristics of Aries favorite adventure sports, nature, contribute to the positive psychology of green, the color can be paired with goldencomplement each other, strengthen the sense of security.
The most taboo colors: red and white
The energetic Aries with passionate red, will only let the mood more impulsive, unable to relax. White can make Aries have narcissisticpsychology.
The lucky color: pink, purple
Sincere thick is Taurus personality characteristics, more stubborn, so peachcan promote the Taurus more positive power, with white, purple to guide thespiritual growth.
The most taboo color: Green
Green for Taurus, prone to be lazy, unwilling to change the situation,gradually.
The lucky color: Blue
The reaction is smart, a cunning Gemini personality label, with curiosity, withblue or purple to light without losing prudent, more cultured Gemini
Physical things self-confidence and calm.
The most taboo colors: yellow
The characteristics of curiosity, to repeat things easily lead to paralysis,become more and more important to avoid Gemini dual personality, yellowappear less as far as possible better.
The lucky color: yellow
Always pay attention to life's cancer, spent a lot of time to the business of life,it can choose yellow to maintain harmony, characteristics and cancer more complementary.
The most taboo colors: Purple
Cancerians are delicate, lots of things may have overreacted phenomenon,purple can cause cancer in the daily life into a state. 
The lion
The lucky color: green apple, orange Leos are natural leaders breath, style, the pursuit of high shine through it is their goal in life. But this property if it is too excessive,But let people unhappy, so use the apple green, orange, helps cultivatehumility, friends and family more harmonious interaction.
The most taboo color: Gold
Because of the lion's behavior always eye-catching momentum, so avoiddomineering, full of bossy gold, so as not to cause other people'sstereotypes, think Leos have grandiose aims but puny abilities,
Look down on people. But gold will cause Leo appetite good, reduced activity,it is easy to cause the body burden.
The lucky color: orange, blue water
Style, everything in good order and well arranged on perfectionist Virgo,sometimes too formal, too reserved empty feeling, so choose orange can letVirgo unloaded
Too heavy burden, guide with sexual life attitude; and the water blue is the corresponding sensitive part, let your style to create soft taste more.
The most taboo color: white
The general impression of Virgo is nothing but love clean, clean, so you can'tuse white counterproductive, otherwise it will make people feel too nervous,Always have a sense of tension.
The lucky color: blue, red
Libra people always gives a superior temperament elegant impression, the pursuit of extraordinary taste, so they create an atmosphere, be overly cautious, undecided,
Therefore the use of some of the deep blue enough to help them to speed up the pace, strengthen the judgment. And use the red make Libra ambition is stronger, more dynamic.
The most taboo colors: pink, black
Negative projection Libra is easy, love leisure and hate labour irresolute and hesitant, because they are too concerned about the pursuit of the perfectthings, enjoy the elegance,
Therefore, the use of black to reduce, will not make you hold a perfunctoryattitude. There are easy to make Libra irresolute and hesitant to reduce the use of pink.
The lucky color: pink, pink orange
Strong independent consciousness of Scorpio, with the protection of color is very strong, so the Scorpio people can choose pink to relax the mood, letnerves get relief.
The most taboo color: dark blue
Mystery, with defensive Scorpio, actually has a potential character ofunknown, is love meddle. This side and the color characteristics of deep bluewill trigger a scorpio,
If you do not want to become such a person, Scorpio to minimize the use ofthis color.
The lucky color: color Coffee, sea blue, pink
When it comes to Sagittarius almost equal and free to draw an equal sign,love remain free attitude to life, the use of Coffee color is simple tones can bethe shooter will focus on,
Sea blue is not only in conformity with the striker's free style, moreprecipitation, strengthen the sense of security.
The most taboo colors: green apple, orange
Sagittarius personality is the most negative persist in one's old ways,rebellious, so don't use will lead to Sagittarius this side of apple green,orange.
The lucky color: yellow, pink
Toughness strong Capricorn, but also can be said to be too depressed personality, always worry too much, often made him nervous. In the color yellow can choose appeasement,
Peach red can stimulate vitality, not too lose one's vitality.
The most taboo colors: black, dark blue
Careful with every rhythm, Capricorn, Virgo love clean, but this is an extreme presentation of capricorn. So in the use of color, please do not choose brunet Department, because it will only add to tensions, completely fail to relax.
The lucky color: color Coffee
The same freedom loving Aquarius, more a look coldly from the sidelines at nature, so the Coffee color the more pragmatic, stable color, can let Aquarius people
Easy to accept the reality, in the sense of.
The most taboo colors: blue, purpleAquarius sometimes have unrealistic idea, if you use a light blue color, the bottles were more likely to the fantasy, not practical, so to avoid this kind ofColor is good.
The lucky color: blue, purple, blue and green
Romantic love fantasy, Pisces is the biggest characteristic, the use of color, to use a soothing mood, blue purple, steady point blue green to stabilize the Pisces are not.
The most taboo colors: purple, green
Special is the most suitable for your color, must join the blue steady stability. But if the little blue, rather than purple and green, will let you emotionally vulnerable to provoke,Be always melancholy and moody, Pisces keen personality, less will be suitable for pure green pure purple.

Color and character


According to the color preferences do judgment of character, began in Germany psychologist Rumi Al, since then, this kind of research around the world.
The following is a collection of data from throughout, so we appreciatewonderful color and psychology seeks to hide.
Do you like the color represents your personality and psychological:
Red - means "fire" or "blood". Strong personality, positive and open-minded.Lively abnormal, the feelings of the rich, outgoing personality. Controversy always prepared to take offensive or consciousness. Speak and act quickly but think little of. You are energetic action, no matter how much effort or price to satisfy his curiosity and desire. You are filled with the spirit of the state, will be infected with the friends around you. But, because of the lack of patience,often refuse to obey his will, will get angry. Born optimistic but you will notbecause of setbacks and feel depressed, and always think of ways to resolve the spot. Once something happens, you always blame others, this is very bad for you. If to others to a more lenient heart to treat it, believe that your power will be more prosperous.
If you hate the most: red doesn't love others as you too close, because of this, the sudden advent of persecution love, you will run away when going into battle. In fact, your heart is the desire intense love, but because of the nature of the character, the feelings the way you have been twists and turns. These twists and turns to make you come to a standstill on love, that miss the right person.
Blue - like quiet, calm, be light of heart from care, good control of emotions,very has the sense of responsibility. Rich experience, good sense. Broad-minded, introverted. You are a very rational person, face the problem oftenface danger fearlessly, in conflict always silently to resolve, until the fight back, will be in the beautiful means to let the other side impressed. At first glance it popularity is good, but not good at communication with the people,so only like-minded friends from the group of a small group of. Often due toadhere to the sublime faith and respected. Absolute insistence, the lack ofadoption of magnanimity on the opinions of others, and so the odds, although on the surface did not reveal any displeasure, but the heart is actually veryvery mind.
Purple - always melancholy and moody, anxious, however, tend to be able tomanage and control the inner feelings of anxiety and distress. Introverted. -like the purple people usually are a lot of artists, even if you are not very like,witty with emotional, especially observant. Although the admission of ordinary,but quite a character. In public, you tend to be silent and reserved. But ofteneasy to abuse the feelings, resulting in a lot of unnecessary misunderstanding. This is not a malicious abuse, after afterwards someone tell you, you will be very careful reflection, but also easy to make.
Green - nature calm, restraint was not good, easily upset, less anxious ordepressed feeling, full of hope and optimism, want to do better. A typicalintrovert type. - you're basically is a pursuit of peace. But afraid of being alone, like group life, and therefore you are good at keeping harmoniousrelationship with the people around. Always give people a kind gentle impression, and of the people around you is trust and admiration. However,because your attitude toward everyone almost, so sometimes it is easy tomake people misunderstand, think you are a be all things to all men. Like the green one is motivated, but because don't love too prominent in groups, so you will also ask people around you to make progress.
If you hate the most: green in mind always did not wish to become adults, soin love that is hope much care and attention. Hope that the other party has to pay for their own, because this is not easy for the sake of each other's character, often say wounding while they are not conscious of it, finally will only make Valentine sad.
Yellow - happy, relaxed and happy. Outgoing personality, be full of go, dospeak freely, be fearless, don't worry about what others. Not easy to shake, is a man you can trust. Your creative and curiosity in height. Concerned about the social problems rather than personal problems, like the pursuit of lofty ideals, especially social movement. Pretty confident, but also learned, you willlead this proud. Looks like you social home, actually very lonely. So, you will never betray a friend, never do not grasp.
Grey - doesn't like emotion and emotional shows between the lines, to avoid too deep friendship.
Black - feeling sad, the road of life go from bad to worse, feel not like youthink to say and do, that their situation is not good enough. 
Brown -- basic desire, can rely on their own sense of gratification, such aseating, drinking, desire, yet often feel will make mistakes. You are a stiff -personality, strong self value, very afraid because foreign factors involved and to change their own. But, in appearance and attitude of doing things, butpeople have a great sense of trust. For good relations between peopledivided very clearly, so easy to give others a tendency to apathy. However,because you upright character makes people trust you, support your partnerwill be more and more in the imperceptibly.
If you hate the Brown: take a laissez faire attitude in love. Like active, direct,intense love. When the object is encountered personality finicky, seem to be very impatient. Curiosity is too strong, is often a lot of new things to attract,they often neglect the lover. But think of what to do, popularity is very good,this will let your lover feel uneasy. Time with friends than lovers also, so yourValentine's day will go away from you.
Pink - more emotional, social and. -- always want to show his youth, vitality,even in the eyes of others hope is a noble image. Most are not all that is beautiful, sending out a stream of people see it very comfortable charm.However, there is a strong tendency to avoid reality. Because of not goodmind to reveal the human, often hide in their own small world. Because not bereceptive to the views of others, also doesn't like to argue, is often regarded as the irresolute and hesitant. (in addition, unbearable reality embarrassingand have trusted people betrayed the people also like pink.)
If you hate the most: Brown in love give a person not quite frank feeling, oftencritical of the other half, even though they sent a gift to you, as you said before, or will pick pick pick pick said a pile of words that should not say. To be honest, you want the other to your skies for you take it lying down.
In the female particularly prominent, good clothing color directly reflects thepsychological and personality of their:
A, red
Like to wear the red dress woman is considered to be the "young" with richdesire in life, they often don't feel satisfied, adventurous, follow the fashion,but the changing all the time nature often unpredictable.
Pro active, strong willed, not easily admit defeat, very uncomfortable about others. In love has always been the most active and enthusiastic, young men are welcome. Efforts to make money, and money. She was a PARTY ANIMAL,the party always regard themselves as an important figure.
B, yellow
Like the yellow man naivete
She is more rational and calm. Confident of their wisdom and ability, thereforealso expect to gain recognition from others. From the appearance of herseem to be very gentle, but he is very strong. In terms of money, she is open-minded, unless money is really tight, otherwise don't care that much about money.
C, blue
Like blue people sincerely, full of fantasy
Her character, gentle and delicate, elegant, but is more sensitive, is easily hurt woman. Her vision of warmth and romance. The importance of friendship,always running out of money, the lack of money or savings mind.
D, green
Like the green women are considered to be the "mother" of the actual life intough, they are careful, action and very hard, but the fear of risk and advance, introverted and often suppress their desires, in the emotional aspects afraid to.
She has two sides. Money and more rational, not on impulse to SHOPPING.
F, purple
Like the purple people feelings may be more romantic
Its natural taste, personality. Many designers are like purple. The peoplehated the mediocre, like unique ideas. On the consumption side, holding theflowers, flowers, the province is the province's attitude.
E, black
Like black people s feelings exposed but eager to care for and love
Divided into two distinct types, or honest, simple, doesn't like attention, ortotal like curry favour by claptrap. For money, they either thrift, like simpleand stable life; or full of ambition and desire, loved the extravagant life.
G, white
In addition, like white people often let a person produce far view but not closefeeling
Always calm and cool, good at expressing their feelings. They are less affected by the gorgeous appearance confused, is more about emotions andspirit. They doesn't love too far, didn't love very eye-catching. Strong sense of responsibility to be pretty and intelligent, honest with them. On the surfacethey will have money, in fact, often spend the money not spent. They are confident about their figure and beautiful, love is rarely the first to express their love.
The preference of one color often represent the character and feelings of color, a personal preference for clothing color and clothing, more can ofteninfer the mental.
Basically, the color of the clothes can be divided into three categories: cool,warm and neutral color.
Bo good warm - the warm colors are red, yellow, orange, etc.. This color to the warm, confident, friendly, cheerful feeling, help make friends, enhance self-confidence, to be able to expand their social circle.
Increasing momentum - relatively cool, cool and dark clothing, such as black,dark brown, dark blue, can create a serious atmosphere, giving people the cold, mysterious feeling.
Neutral hostile -- in dealing with disputes of corrosion, ease hostility,absolutely should not wear bright color clothes, the reason is that this color can affect a mood, easy exciting. Such as wearing neutral colors, including brown, beige,light gray, can relax the tense atmosphere, achieve balance effect.
Using a particular color, or change your preferences for color, will help you tochange the mood and personality

Product color


All Guoyi’s products are  as colorful as the characteristic. Standard product’s color is stainless steel color ,.Better product’s are colorful. we will provide several common colors for choice, if you need a special match or color, it need to provide information, in order to confirm.  

Commonly used color: red, orange, blue, green  

Customized version of the product also can choose to provide wood grain surface, marble and its pattern and so on.  

If you want to choose the color, the need to increase the corresponding costs based on the standard edition, please advice!