Guoyi will light up your laboratory ,make your laboratory life wonderful . Products from Guoyi have a variety of colors to choose, which make the laboratory environment comfortable, greatly improve the
experiment efficiency, good for  research.

High quality

Guoyi advocating quality consciousness, grasp the product quality by using the industry leading components, such as compressors used Danfoss  brand with reputation excellent in the industry. Various high quality fitting , program control system with independent research and development, make the products of high quality.

Superior performance

Guoyi extremely focused in terms of performance,.We provide customer  not only  basic products, but determined to create superior customer experience.  For example, snow ice machine for laboratory from Guoyi have a liquid crystal display, voice broadcast system, automatic program correction function, These functions are very popular with customers.

A variety of specifications to choose

Guoyi  provides a variety of specifications  products according to laboratory demand for customer . Customers can choose their own products  according to the actual situation of their own laboratory.

A variety of price

According to the customer demand,Guoyi provide a lot of different grades of price of product . In addition to the standard version of the high quality and inexpensive, Guoyi provide more cost-effective better version, We also provide customized version of the product for the special needs of customers.

Perfect after sale service

Guoyi provide one year warrant for all  products y, and three year warranty for the better version can  . In addition, we and local agents , provide back-up machineservice for the customer in case of emergency, to ensure the work stability,safety, efficient operation.

Many are willing to a choice.