Xiamen Guoyi Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd.  is committed to  innovate, We  put forward the innovative concept of colorinstrument by combineing with the actual needs of the laboratory and esthetic idea change, We strive to provide customers with the perfect customer experience in various product selection,in the link of  manufacture, delivery, using and customer service .we making "wonderful" experimental life,These enable  the user to carry out scientific research,
Xiamen Guoyi Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. advocating quality idea, All raw materials come from best suppliers and brands, such as  the compressor  is the "heart" of,the refrigeration system, we adopt international famous brand Danfoss (Danfoss); including motor, blower adopted the famous brand;  we have our own core circuit control components system, which automatically control, intelligent display, voice broadcast ,and can carry on the intelligent error correction,. Customers can be assured, happy experiment. The links in the manufacture of machine design,we greatly simplifies internal  structure design.  the design of shell separation has improved very large in the control and customer service repair. A variety of measures, ensuring we provide to the user is the first-class quality,absolutely not to live up to your expectations.
- choose colorful competitive products from Guoyi, enjoy the wonderful experimental life