Online technical support (principle, application)
The company’s web site with a comprehensive revision, develop  a Special column for technology and services. "About the ice machine", "About chromatographic cabinet" provided many articles about the ice making machine principle, components, applications,proprietary technology . you can make a deep understanding of the ice making machine after browsing the site. And through these knowledge, These make sure you can buy real good products.
A wealth of industry experience
Corporate entrepreneurship team has more than 10 years of industry experience. We have a full understanding of the laboratory equipment, accurately grasping the customer’s demand . In terms of manufacturing technology, we have the machinery and electronic technology the core personnel working with 25 years of experience, the circuit control system is developed, with a strong technical support for the client application.
Remote training
The company does not regularly users or dealers need through the website,QQ, video communication, provide technical or after sale service training.
Video support
Company  will offer the product introduction video,installation and commissioning video, after sale maintenance of video for each type of product,  the customer can full understanding of product , ensure that the use of worry free, and can carry on the maintenance of appropriate, These  greatly prolong the service life of the machine, ensure the work, achieve win-win.